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Dr Wallach[edit]

Good example of an alternative doc, with some good books

le Corruption in science[edit]

Retraction Watch is a website which documents the previously not highlighted retractions in scientific journals. An article about the website is here on

"We had been reporting on retractions for our own publications and always found really interesting stories behind them. Adam had broken a big story from someone who eventually went to jail — an anesthesiologist working on Vioxx [the osteoarthritis that has been withdrawn over safety concerns]. He made up patients in more than 20 studies"

Basis of germ theory/viruses/diseases[edit]

Dr Patrick Quanten MD seen here in Vaccine Nation (a documentary by health expert Gary Null) presents an idea that diseased tissue is a process of germs existing to remove unhealthy cells from the body, and that the cells themselves are influenced indirectly by the bodies interaction with its environment. His work is based in medical history and is explained on his website in many articles, one being Catching A Disease.

Mental health[edit]

MAPS work with Psychedelics has had successful clinical trials for treating addiction, PTSD, end of life anxiety relating to terminal illnesses and various other psychospiritual challenges.


  • Dr Burzynski in the US developed a treatment called antineoplastons and more recently targeted gene therapy which although highly fought against by competing medical giants has has repeated success. The documentaries Burzynski part 1 and 2 are shockingly compelling and appear on youtube.

The Burzynski Movie Clip - Sgt. Schiff's Testimony

  • Tullio simoncini works with Sodium Bicarbonate and the theory Cancer is a fungus.
  • Laetrile / Vitamin B17 from Apricot Seeds has some hype surrounding it

Testosterone replacement therapy[edit]

Joe Rogan Experience #574 - Dr. Mark Gordon, Matthew Gosney & Jason Hall

This interview talks about how managing testosterone balance can have important implications for mental function, especially for people with traumatic brain injury. Dr. Mark Gordon is the Medical Director of Education at Access Medical Laboratory and is recognized as a top leader world wide in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti Aging Medicine). Matthew Gosney is a former Navy SEAL and current patient of Dr. Gordon's.