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Ram Dass - Fierce Grace trailer[edit]

This whole documentary is online and covers the journey of Richard Alpert from having a Phd in psychology through a transformation into Ram Dass, spiritual leader after a trip to India. It also covers dealing with challenges in life from this spiritual perspective, including the challenges for Ram Dass himself dealing with having a stroke.

Stan and Cristina Grof[edit]

The many writings of Stanislav and Cristina Grof cover death and it's place in a great many of cultures throughout the history of the world. Their excellent work covers a vast cartography of archetypal themes within the human condition. Stanislavs most recent book is Healing Our Deepest Wounds: The Holotropic Paradigm Shift. Some praise for Stans work in particular includes this quote from author Joseph Campbell

"I know of no work that so well incorporates the findings of Freud, Jung and Rank, adding fresh insights, which the methods of those psychotherapists could never have achieved. I do not doubt that many others working in this field would find Dr. Grofs discoveries a basis for a whole new strategy of research."